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    We have been talking about releasing these seven songs on vinyl for a long time. That is still happening. In the mean time, enjoy these tasty nugz for whatever price you wish to pay (although you're retarded if you pay more than $0.00).




THIS SHIT WAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!


released March 28, 2011

(album artwork by Travis Harvey of Village Green Records in Muncie, IN)



all rights reserved


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anywhere from 4 to 7 dudes playin tunes and if you want to make out or have sex after a show thats cool too

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Track Name: Douche Girl
Get this bitch away from me
Get this cunt away from me
I regret it, I don't regret it
Get this bitch away from me
She's making all of this a catastrophe
I regret it, I don't regret it

I told you once before
It's one time, I'm not down for more
I've got a lot of shit brewin' and I need my space
So wipe my smell from your thighs and your face

You're nice nice nice nice nice lookin
But nice looking don't mean nothin' at all
When you're talkin talkin talkin bout your friends
and your friends and your friends
Shut the fuck up!

I regret it, I don't regret it

Got drunk and called my mom
Talked to her on the phone
Told her that I fucked this random girl on the east coast
Shot powder up my nose
Went looking for some holes
And found one in a place where they said anything goes

I regret it, I don't regret it
Track Name: Dead Bread
Blacked out
I've gotta get my shit together
Fuck you
Don't need to get my shit together
Because we really don't care, we really don't care
The money that we're wasting can't be wasted anywhere
We really don't care about your friends and who was there
They left because you can't pay them to care

Awwwwwww shit
I aint no cunt, bitch

Past tense
Your old support is slowly dying
My own support is multiplying
I've got a list as long as you, that tells me who to choose
But the proper response would be to fuck you too
Don't question why we left when you never gave a shit
And your own fucking parents want to quit
Track Name: Don't Ask, Don't Tell
I've got some shit that's been spewin' from my mind
About some problems I've seen in mankind
How come when I'm banging dudes
That shit shows up on the news
I'll put my penis where I want
In an ass or near a cunt

Fuck you in the ass
Don't ask, don't tell
Hit it from the back
Don't ask, don't tell
Bloody up your knees
Don't ask, don't tell
Actin' like a skeaze
Don't ask, don't tell

The only goal that I have in this life
To never father kids or have a wife
But I'll probly bang some chick
Get her dumb ass all pregnant
Save my cash up for a week
Abort that shit ASAP
Track Name: No Rest Arrest
It's hard to even see
My brain's a disease
I need to find a way back off my knees
Back on my feet, back in the sheets
Taking everything back to streets
And by streets I mean fuck you
And fuck all your stupid fake friends too
Get drunk and say shit that don't matter
I'm done with this meaningful chatter

No rest for the wicked
No rest for the weekend

Ten times out of ten I'm having more fun
Hanging with buds never gettin' shit done
Showin my balls to anyone that wants to see
I'm like a delicacy
T-Rex nonstop
Always stompin cuz we don't know how to stop
And when the weekend's here you are too
And if not, fuck you
Track Name: Shredding Bluntz
Stepped outta class
Was heading home
Called up my baby
On my cell phone
Told her I'm busy
Needed a break
Cuz having myself a baby was a mistake

When I'm rambunctious and I really can't function
I don't care so I dive right in
I smell atrocious but I wanna get ferocious
Smokin' beers with all my friends

Got this girl pregnant
Lives outta town
Told her I'm sorry
I just wanna clown
I think she's keeping it
I don't know what to do
What did you do?
So I just told her FUCK YOU!
Track Name: Skatin' Tricks And Suckin' Dicks
Mistakes are made so stop your bitchin'
And pick your cunt up off the floor
Just wanna get dick deep in a pile of sheets
And slam my face into a girl who's got some more

So if you have a chance, you better make a move
and just fucking do it
because I never miss a shot
to get up in that gut

Don't even think you're gonna make it
I've met too many sluts like you
You make me dig dig dig til I'm bored to death
And now the option of sex don't fit the mood

So if you have a chance, you better make a move
and just fucking do it
because I never miss a shot
to get up in that gut
Track Name: Shit On A Child
Hail satan that I'm twenty three
Got no job got no place to be
Shove my dick in any hole I can find
All the time, makin' bitches lose their mind
And fuck you if you're preggers you see
I don't want no kid always fuckin' with me
I've got too many things to do
Shut the fuck up kid, or I will shit on you

I'm gonna shit on a child
Still gonna fuck for a while
I'm gonna shit on a child
Then gonna run for miles
Shit on a child

Thank myself that I have this beer
What's a life if I'm thinking clear?
If I was picky I would never get laid
And if I fuck too much I might never get saved
But who needs saving when you have yourself
Put that fairy tale back on the shelf
You want a god just look in the mirror